Creating a Project

When the software first loads, or when you select New from the File Menu / Project Menu Tab, the following screen is displayed:

New Project Screen

Here you can decide what type of project to create:

Project Folder

Once you select a project type & click Create Project, you will be asked for a file name & location for the project. It is essential that you store your project files somewhere logical, where they will be backed up. Maintaining backup files of your PC projects is your responsibility.

It is not possible to recover a project from an iOS / Android device

Wherever you store your project, there will be a .pad file created, which is the main project file. It contains everything associated with your project - device locations, commands, button positions etc - but does not contain the image / sound resource files. These are contained in the automatically generated projectname.pad_Files folder.

Page Sizes / Retina Displays

You should use the page resolutions specified by the software when creating new projects. It is not important that the resolutions specified do not necessarily match the physical pixel sizes of your device (unless using Android). The app renders any images used to the highest quality possible. For example, if using a 1024x768 project (iPad) and you wish to use a retina display, you should use the Retina image folder options with the 50% scaling option to normalise them for use on any iPad. Retina iPads will show a higher quality image as a result - as the image files themselves are not altered by the software.