Centro C / CM Commands

To send project commands to a Centro-C / CM, first add the Centro device to your project. The communication port for the Centro (7500) will be entered automatically, though you will still need to enter the IP address of the Centro:

Add a Centro-C

Next, access the pre-defined commands section. You will notice that Centro devices already have folders set up within the pre-defined command section:

Centro-C Pre-Defined Commands


You cannot rename the Relays folder. This folder contains the standard commands for opening and closing the Centro relays, which you can test with the Test Command feature.


These folders are named IR Port 01 up to the number of IR output ports on the Centro. Whilst you cannot completely change the name of these folders, you can add to their names to make it easier to locate commands throughout the solution. For example, you may wish to rename a folder: IR Port 01 - Lounge TV which is permitted.

Infra-red commands, in either Pronto Raw (starting 0000) or Global Cache (starting sendir) may be added or imported to these folders. If importing, be sure to select the folder by left-clicking the folder first, before clicking Import from File, to ensure that they are imported into the correct place.

It is strongly recommended to use the Name Prefix option to precede imported commands with a unique identifier, both to aid in the use of the commands throughout the software, but also to prevent commands in other folders being overridden.