Centro 8 / 8M Introduction

In addition to our Centro-C / CM IP gateways, DemoPad also offer our range of Automation Processors, the Centro-8 and Centro-8M. Both units are Linux based, and run the same internal automation software developed by DemoPad.

Both units have an astronomically-aware timeclock for scheduled events, and are also capable of establishing their own IP connections to other devices to control them independently of any Control app.

They are also useful for keeping several control apps synchronised, by managing centrally stored global variables - (flags, labels and numbers). Changes anywhere in the solution to a global variable will cause the Centro to transmit the state to all connected clients, and it also makes the state of global variables available when any clients connect.

The units also have an audio output port, and HDMI output port capable of delivering media content, and both units can run a web server, allowing control of the system via a standard web browser.

Once configured, each unit is equally capable in terms of functionality, subject to the limitation of available physical connections.


The Centro-8M processor has 3 Infra-Red ports, 1 Infra-Red input port, and an optional RS232 port.

You may also use a standard Infra-Red remote to trigger actions within the Centro-8M.

The compact size of the Centro-8M makes it ideal for locating behind a TV, or anywhere space is limited.

For full details, please see http://www.demopad.com/centro8m.php

Centro-8M Front View

Centro-8 Processor (now discontinued)

The Centro-8 processor is a 19 inch rack mount unit, and has 16 x Infra-Red ports, 4 x RS232 and 4 x contact closure ports, and 8 x digital inputs.

Centro-8 Front View
Centro-8 Rear View