The PC designer software requires Microsoft Windows 7 or later, running .NET version 4. You can download the installation file by registering for an account and logging in at

Once you have downloaded the installation .msi file, run it to install the software. It is recommended to install the software to the default location of “c:\Program Files (x86)\Demopad Software Ltd\Demopad Designer”.

DemoPad Designer Software

PC Software Versions

There are currently 2 software versions available: a free, basic version, and a more advanced, professional version. Access to the professional software requires that you have a paid monthly subscription to our cloud and support service in place - see for details. The pro software includes access to 3rd party device drivers, and software shortcuts to make common, repetitive tasks much easier.

Companion Apps

CentroControl App Icon

The CentroControl app, available on iTunes for iOS, is used as the primary control method for your projects. The app is free if using at least one Centro hardware device, otherwise there is an in app purchase to unlock it for use exclusively with 3rd party devices.

There is also an Android app which can be used if your project includes at least one Centro hardware device - contact for details.