Tutorial #2 - Controlling your first device

In this tutorial we will simply be adding some buttons onto a page and assigning commands to them, uploading to an iOS device & testing the commands.

Test that the commands from the pre-defined commands section show up in Hercules when you press Test Command:

Hercules TCP Server
Adding Button Text
Adding Commands to Buttons

Uploading to iOS device

You are now ready to upload the project to the app & test the operation. Please refer to Tutorial 1 - Uploading a Project

Once the project is downloaded, you should see the 2 buttons you have added, and when you press them you should see the command appear in the Hercules TCP Server tab.

Note - if you only see a pure white screen, then it is likely that you are looking at the wrong orientation - rotate the iOS device to landscape / portrait to see the buttons.

Once you have confirmed that the commands appear in Hercules, you can change the IP address / port of the device to the physical device you have, to confirm correct operation. Re-upload the project to test.