User Interface Basics

The DemoPad user interface for a given project is entirely customisable. It is not specifically based on zones or activities, but instead allows full flexibility of UI design to suit the specific requirements of the project.

The user interface consists of one or more pages, which represents the screen of the device being used (iOS, Android or Browser). When a project is first created, a default page called Home Page is created automatically, and is the first page which is displayed to the end user.

Pages appear in the project navigation tree view, and consist of a portrait and landscape version of the page:

Project Navigation Tree View

To access the page menu, click on the portrait or landscape icon in the tree view. Note there is nothing in the software which requires that objects placed on the landscape page must be on the portrait page and vice versa - indeed some projects only use a single orientation, and lock out the other. If you do wish to place the same UI on both orientations, you should use the Mirror copy option to make a linked copy on the alternate orientation.

Each page can have a background color or image, and one or more of the following Page Objects:

Page Objects