Number Actions

It is possible for the Centro Control app to respond to changes in a number variable's value, and perform a set of actions, depending on what the number value is equal to.

This is how actions are generated for Gauges, Color Wheels, or X,Y Buttons where a 3rd party driver is not being utilised.

Setting up Ranges

You can access the custom number action setup screen from the numbers configuration screen:

Custom Number Actions

You can then begin to enter the values that trigger specific actions. The values are entered as ranges with a minimum and maximum, eg if you wanted to perform some actions if the volume of an amplifier was turned up more than 80% (between 80 and 100), and if you wanted to generate different actions if the amplifier was set to exactly 0% (or in other words, between 0 and 0), you could set up the following ranges:

Entering Ranges

You can enter as many ranges as you wish, and then decide what actions to perform if the number falls within that range, by double clicking the line entry and entering actions.

Triggering the Actions

Once the ranges have been set up with actions, the control app will execute them in the following situations:

Example - controlling the volume of a Yamaha Amplifier

An example IP/RS232 command to set the volume of a Yamaha Amplifier's main zone is:

@MAIN:VOL=-60.0 - which would set the volume to -60dB.

Using a flag called CinemaAmpVolume with a range of -80 (minimum) to 0 (maximum), we could specify a custom number action which covers the entire range of the variable (-80 to 0) and send the following command as a custom number action:


With this number variable linked to a gauge slider, this provides 1-way control over the amplifier's volume:

Control of Yamaha Volume