Adding Devices

There are several ways to add devices to the project. If adding a Centro hardware device, you should use the dedicated Centro buttons. Otherwise, you can click on the New Device button to create a new, blank, generic device, or use the drop down arrow to select from a list of pre-saved devices. Pre-saved devices contain commands & other information entered at the point of saving them.

Generic devices are perhaps the most common device type in a given project. It is a device which is connected to your wired or wireless network, to which you can send commands and possibly listen to feedback. Examples of generic devices include HDMI matrices, amplifiers, IR gateways etc.

Adding a Generic Device

To add a generic device to your project, go to the Project Settings menu tab and click on 'New Device':

New Generic Device

There may be a drop down arrow which allows you to select a pre-saved device. These pre-saved devices can be created with the software, and make it easy to re-use common devices across different projects. They already have certain pieces of information filled in, eg the communication port, and command set.

Device Properties

Once a device has been added, it will appear in the project navigation tree view, and you can edit its name by single clicking on the tree item and typing a new name. Once you add the device, or if you click on the device name in the tree view, the device properties tab will show:

Device Properties Tab

Here you must enter the basic information to allow the system to communicate with the device.

UDP Incoming Data Settings

Extended Device Properties

By expanding the device menu, you will see the extended properties which are available:

Extended Device Properties

Note - we recommend the use of a secure VPN for remote control of the system